ella's lickable links

Cornell Veterinary Medicine Feline Health Center  —  Where Ella & McGee get probed, prodded and, if necessary, healed

Tompkins County, New York SPCA  —  Where Ella & McGee were scouted and snatched

iwritefunny.com  —  Creator and feeder of Live Nude Cats

Marry Your Pet  —  Just wait until the Republicans hear about this. You can smell the new constitutional amendment coming

Ahisma of Texas  —  Kindness to all life, promoting spaying, neutering, and elimination of euthanasia for all healthy companion animals

Meowsville  —  Unique gifts for extraordinary pets and their people

Devil Cat  —  The finest darkly humorous cat cards that ever there was

The Kitty City Gazette  —  "All the mews that's fit to print"

Old Cats Rule  —  OldCatsRule was started to celebrate the joy of life with senior cats.

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