what people are saying about live nude cats...

laughed? I nearly bought a round. benshaw

What a "cat-ass-trophe". A6Wings

Your page has plucked the deepest strings of my soul and made beautiful, whiskered music. The use of those two luscious felines has moved me to think that you are the new Cat Messiah...alleluia, you have finally risen to deliver inspiring, delicious cats to the masses!! Only the true Cat Messiah could have picked such a robust pair! Matt Shenko

awkward, yet strangely erotic. Jon

Karen Bryant, At first I thought your post to the livenudecats webpage was a joke, but the reference to women "stupid enough to be exploited" reveals your arrogant hatred and elitism. This site is an obvious parody of the exploitation of women, not just "stupid" ones. It blatantly ridicules the commercialization of sex. The glaring innocence of the pictures in contrast with the goofy captions is called "irony". Your assaultive wish for the slow painful death of any creature, let alone another human reveals a true sickness in YOUR heart and is a philosophical contradiction for you and a weighty irony for the rest of us. What kind of morality places such a low value on human life while insinuating high concern for small animals? It is hypocrasy, an evil far more vacuous and vulgar than that necessary to find humor in the irony of this website! Get professional help soon before you damage yourself or someone else. Randy B.

this is the funniest thing that I have ever seen. I had a heart attack looking at this. Thank you. Dave

That Ella Dibella is one hot pussy! Any chance of seeing her in a threesome? Spayed

So stupid and a waste of everyones time. Karen Jenkins

I have a divorce hearing this end of this month...and my soon to be ex is a pornography addict who has always wanted me to get into all that hot and heavy exhibitionist camera stuff....and I have never liked it.....or even cared to look at it. I sent him a link to your page and told him that it was one of my favorite hot websites.....I thought I'd get his hopes up that I'd converted to his point of view.....and then crush them.....and do it in a really nice adorable way. This site is so perfect.....I love it. Kasey

Great sight. Do you know where I can find any nude chickens? Lisa in CT

I bet us cat lovers take better care of our beloved felines than the idiots with negative comments do with there own children. Jim & Theresa

Not funny. It did catch my attention, but it's still not even a little bit funny. dkennan

Finally...a site that fits MY needs Dan

Love it, need it, want it! Your cats are beautiful. Pamela

"I was wondering why my cat was spending so many hours online...." Timara

For those anal-retentive people who think your site is sick and wrong, I would like to offer a suggestion: please get a life before you have an infarction, wasting my tax dollars on medical treatment for someone who's been dead from the neck up for years. Cat L. Wilson

Your site is somehow the cutest and most disturbing site I've seen! :) Your cats are adorable, and you capture just how twisted humans can be! I love it! Jennivere

I feline making love! Paul Motter

I'm glad about two things--that I found this site, and that I have a sense of humor. LRF

To wish that on someone for trying to bring INNOCENT HUMOR to a world with so many problems tells me that are a seriously twisted individual. I love cats and I loved this site! Mary F.

a complete LOON. whichever of you this is, you're a loon. you're both loons. congratulations on the website. ;) by-tor

People who think it's sick should really have THEIR heads examined. Get a sense of humor! We love cats!!!! MaryA

Funny stuff, man. Even funnier are the poor misguided fools who think there is something obscene about your site. David Richards

I certainly hope the people that wish a horrible death upon you reach a similar fate sooner. C'mon, they're cats! It's cute! Idiots. Terry

Do Ella and Borders have any movie plans for the near future? John

Dumb - really dumb! Liz

And to Karen Bryant wishing for the site creator to suffer a miserable death, it truly is pathetic and sad to see that type of attitude. Brett M.

I raise cats-purbred Ragdoll and Persian. And, I found nothing funny about your site. Not even remotly funny. Actually kinda tasteless. You should not waste your time or money, or engery on this. Terri Breazeale

Oh my GAWD!! That is the absolute FUNNIEST thing I've seen in a long time. I cannot fathom how some people could think of that as "abuse" of these kitties. For GOD'S SAKE! IT'S SATIRE PEOPLE! Fat Bzzzatch

i laughed, i cried, i spit coffee at the monitor. you owe me paper towels. snowtree

I've seen people tripped out on acid before, but this place, this place takes the cake when it comes to funny! BlaisA

Quite a foul site. There is something wrong with someone who associated sexuality with cats. See a Doctor. Crystal

My cat, "Mouse", seemed especially interested in Borders McGee...but she's been fixed! Kitten with a whip

Heard it on the NRG (107.6fm) and this the most funny site I've ever seen! Steve G

my esme was technically "male" at birth, but has always acted like a little lady within. she is transgendered and (thanks to dr. dave the vet) fixed. when will you incorporate all kitty identities on your website? nousheen

Great site! Don't worry too much about people pretending to be offended. Obviously no-one could really be THAT stupid! Leon

Two cats, vaccinated : $100. Digital camera : $300. Domain name "livenudecats" : $70. Damn funny web site : Priceless. Merlot

Totally twisted site,I was torn between tears of laughter ;& wondering if I'm twisted too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! meezerlove

Which I had thought of the idea first, I hate you. :-) Gundam83

"you really are sick!" Deb G.

"the cats are too cute for words!" RR2Cool

"We would suggest you meet some wonderful people who wear white coats...but this is the most hilarious website I've ever seen!!!" VYoung

"Thank you for sharing your Nude Cats." Sheila B

"This is the greatest pick-me up ever." Dancing Crow

"I peed my pants laughing, but at the same time I wanted to cry, overall I give this site a 11 out of 10." VisionCzar

"Who ever thought of this site is a genuis." Debbie

"Very creative. even funnier than that "cat-scan" site." MoZZ

"I really learnt a lot from this fantastic site." Rory Diggler

"I stumbled across this site and almost peed my pants laughing." Tim M

"... couldn't for the life of me see any humor in your cat porn. Not even cute! You're obviously hung up on human porn and exploitation to have dreamed it up. To those who 'peed their pants laughing' : Get a diaper and get a life! YUCK! Dare ya to put that in your comments." kittyk60

"I've seen some beautiful cats in my day, but these are some of the best I've seen yet!" J Dan

"You are the sickest person I've ever seen that is like so sick." E Hughes

"I laughed, I cried. It was better than 'Cats'." Mike

"You are a sick pig and I hope you die a slow and miserable death. If it isn't bad enough that some women are stupid enough to be exploited by money, you prey upon sweet and innocent creatures for a laugh. May you suffer miserably before you die, which I hope is soon." Karen Bryant

"You nitwits scandalized by this site should get a life, or a sense of humor at the very least! This is a great idea for a site and I love it!" Lorraine

"I'm an elderly widow with a dozen cats, give or take a score ... Sure glad that my cat-loving friend turned me on to your site." Silvia

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